June Pointscore

Cronulla Sharks Boardriders June Pointscore

June Pointscore

The Triple Bull club  contest three started slowly with small closeouts at the south end of the Wall-we struggled through the early junior rounds before Dylan Longbottom asked why we werent surfing the good left at the other end of the Wall.

After a quick shift we were back into it with  Grace Gosby once again showing the U13’s how to win a final although Kalani Rowly and Juan  George were snapping at her heels .

In the 16’s Cruz was the man to beat after picking up an early high scorer-Kash was always going to come at him,falling on some critical moves when he needed to stick them.

The break came when he got the top scoring wave of the heat with three big backhand hacks to take the win.

Summa Longbottom took the Womans final with a dominant display on her forehand picking the best waves and leaving Grace and Sammy to play catch up with Ruby,Poppyand Jasmine making the final.

After one of the longest contest days ever on the shortest month of the year the 45 final hit the water as the sun was setting and tricky Ricky wound himself up after surfing three heats straight and zig zagged on the bombs for a classic win over Richy Brown and Dylan Longbottom.

By the time the Opens hit the water the headlights were on and the tide was high Jay got a good early one and although Zac McMartin almost got him Jays second wave on the bell was enough to win by .5 and claim the win with Jordan third.