October Contest Report

Cronulla Sharks Boardriders Glen Gilbertson Floorsanding

October Contest Report

It was another tough day in the water for the Glen Gilbertson Timber Floorsanding October Pointscore #6 contest, with a small 2ft shorey making wave selection and completion a top priority.

Conditions were clean but waves hard to catch as the tide filled in the Alley bank that had shown so much promise mid-week.

The Groms once again had the best of it on the low tide with Kash Brown cementing another win in his quest for the top position, in the Girls it was the diminutive Grace Gosby showing the way and once again Oscar Cafe took top spot in the Juniors. Micros was won by Oli Croft with an impressive bunch of turns for such young kid.

It was a dramatic finish in the Open’s who hadn’t been in the water for a month and as the tide came in waves got scarce leading to a boilover in semi 2 when pointscore frontrunners Hayden Blair and Jordan Widenstrom collided on the same peak-neither giving way.

In the wash-up, Widenstrom advanced into the final which he dominated with superior wave selection and execution leaving pointscore leader Jay Brown behind and ensuring #contest 7 will be the one to watch.